The Future of Flow

Whether it’s algae, bakery batters and sauces, or something that hasn’t made it to the mainstream yet, McFinn Technologies is ahead of the game. Our pumps are designed to be versatile to adjust to market trends with an eye for hyper-focusing on different disciplines in the future.

Beer Industry BowPeller pump

The Processor’s Aide

When designing pumps for your assets, we meticulously consider every aspect of your production process, with a specific focus on ensuring the algae cell membrane remains intact.

  • Low sheer
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Ease of operation

The McFinn Difference

Pumps crafted for craftspeople
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Quality Food Grade

With stainless steel casings, we maintain strict hands-on quality control to earn our FDA (CFR21) 3A sanitary approval.

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Decades of experience comes with a fair share of feedback. We take our customers’ concerns into consideration so our pumps make their jobs easier.

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Innovative Design

Being a domestic product means our product is made for the domestic power grid. Plus, all our parts are locally sourced, so replacements are acquired quickly. 

The Resources You Need for the Results You Deserve.

You’ve got the best pump on the market. Together, we’ll make sure you get the best results from it.