Brewing with the Best

Brewing beer is a complex process that few appreciate. But McFinn Technologies does, and that’s why we create pumps that make your wort and beer transfers as effortless as possible—so you can focus on the science of your craft.

Beer Industry BowPeller pump

The Brewmeister’s Aide

What makes the Bowpeller truly unique is its innovative design that compliments the brewing process, addressing the challenge of maintaining low oxygen levels.

  • Low DO
  • Long seal life
  • High product integrity
  • High EFP

The McFinn Difference

Pumps crafted for craftspeople
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Quality Food Grade

With stainless steel casings, we maintain strict hands-on quality control to earn our FDA (CFR21) 3A sanitary approval.

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With our process, it’s not enough to just listen. We actively incorporate your feedback, ensuring our pumps simplify jobs and elevate satisfaction to new heights. 

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Innovative Design

Being in complete control of our designs means that every one of our products reaches an unmatched level of quality and innovation.

The Resources You Need for the Results You Deserve.

You’ve got the best pump on the market. Together, we’ll make sure you get the best results from it.